1 Hour Payday Loans

1 Hour Payday Loans no Credit Check

If you’re in a need with little time at hand, we offer you the express service – our 1 Hour Payday Loan. This 1 hour direct deposit loan has distinct features that makes it our fastest scheme. Having addressed all hindrances and delays, we have put together a process where once acknowledged and signed, the loan amount is deposited in approximately a single business hour.

When should I opt for the 1 Hour Payday Loan?


If you need fast cash in an hour from now, loan lenders may not exactly be able to help you. A 1 Hour Payday Loan aims to get money to you within approximately one business hour from the approval and receipt of all documentation. These are loans that must be taken in an emergency situation where you need money instantly. These loans are held over a period of two weeks and it is expected that the repayment of the amount including the interest shall be completed on the next pay day. It is not recommended to use this loan for purposes like repayment of debts. If you have sudden hospital bills or other such unexpected exigencies, this could be the ideal choice for your situation.

How is the 1 Hour Online Payday Loan different from the Fast Payday Loan option?

Principally, the two options are similar. However, for our 1 Hour Payday loan, the request for the transaction of lending goes out to a very limited list of direct lenders, who have a record of quickest transactions on business hours. This product is specifically designed to replace the lesser reliable “Cash Loan in 1 Hour” scheme available with some offline loan lenders, which have a lesser probability of being approved or finding a lender in time successfully as they are very likely to have a smaller database of direct lenders.

How big can a One Hour Payday Loan be?

By design, your eligibility shall be impacted highly by your ability to repay the loan within the next two weeks, after your next pay day. This amount however, has a ceiling of $1000.

Can I get the 1 Hour Payday Loan having a Bad Credit Score?

The 1 Hour Payday Loan features no credit check process as you are eligible only when it’s clear that you shall have the ability to pay back. Credit check is a process that can take some amount of time, which is why there is always the availability of One Hour Payday Loan for bad credit score individuals.

Can I get the 1 Hour Payday Loan by Phone?

While such options are available with some individual lenders, the probability of finding one soon enough in an emergency, is bound to be small. This online service put together by us uses a filtered and trusted set of direct lenders of 1 hour payday loans, making your transaction much more likely to succeed.

What Documents are required for a 1 Hour Payday Loan?

We need the following information/documents from you when you’re submitting the online form:

  • Social Security Number
  • Income Statement / Pay stub
  • Checking Account Details
  • Verifiable Contact Details
  • Age Proof (18 years or more)

So, if you need money quick and care about your personal information, you can apply for a no credit check payday loan with GuaranteedPaydayLoanz.

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